Office Coffee Machine Hire, Rental and Maintenance

Coffee Machine Hire

Coffee Machine Hire and Rental

Coffee machine hire and rental from Aarons Coffee will save you time and money and increase office productivity for a fraction of the cost of purchasing from the local cafe.
Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans and Coffee Pods

Aarons Coffee at Work delivers fresh gourmet espresso coffee beans and coffee pods right to your door – hassle free. We use quality Arabica espresso coffee beans.
other lines hire

Other Lines

In addition to coffee machine hire we have a suite of products that improve wellbeing, enhance office ambience, foster an energized company culture, and build morale within teams.
Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You

Enjoy hassle free, great espresso coffee, every time! We will repair any problem within 24 hours or replace the machine. All machines are installed and programmed by our staff.

Australia's # 1 Office Coffee Machine Hire Company

Enjoy seriously good espresso coffee at work – hassle free.

  • Who are Aarons Coffee at Work?

    Aarons Coffee at Work, a division of TPR GROUP, is dedicated to providing quality office coffee machines for hire, rental and maintenance, delivering bean to cup espresso coffee and other beverage options quickly and efficiently. Coffee machine hire with Aarons is cost-effective, fully maintained and hassle free.

    In the business of creating healthy, productive and ambient offices for over 30 years, Managing Director Stuart Swaddling saw the need to offer office coffee machines to further boost employee morale and productivity - Aarons Coffee provided the solution.

    Operating in major states, capital cities and towns including Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast and Melbourne, we’re ...”coffee at work!”
  • What office coffee machines services do we provide?

    • Hire, rental and maintenance of quality Saeco, Blitz and Jura espresso coffee machines
    • Supply of gourmet coffee beans and other consumables (including hot chocolate, soup and chai tea) delivered to your door
    • Sales of Saeco, Blitz and Jura espresso coffee machines
    • Repairer of Saeco espresso coffee machines in Melbourne (if you own your machine)
  • Why provide quality espresso coffee for your office?

    Aarons Coffee at Work strongly believes a working environment must allow people to thrive and that as a result, financial, social and strategic performance will be enhanced. Recent case studies show the return on investment for workplace wellness programs is $3 to $5 on average for every $1 invested. (Harvard Business Review). Providing espresso coffee for your employees with quick and easy to use espresso coffee machines definitely creates the 'feel good' factor. It shows appreciation to your staff, saves their time, encourages social bonding and also impresses your clients with a professional espresso coffee offering. Aarons Coffee at Work is very cost effective - you and your team will enjoy espresso coffee at a quarter of the cost of buying from the cafe!
  • Why choose Aarons Coffee at Work?

    When you arrange office coffee machine hire, rental and maintenance with Aarons Coffee at Work, you deal with a locally owned operator with a vested interest in your welfare – backed by a large national organisation with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. As solution providers, we tailor your coffee machine hire, rental and maintenance to your specific requirements, taking into account staffing levels, beverage selection, bean blend preference and budget. Being fully maintained and serviced, we ensure your coffee machine rental is hassle-free and maximises your return on investment!
  • What additional Healthy Office Solutions do you provide?

    Our corporate company TPR GROUP is committed to creating positive places to work. Our suite of products improve employee wellbeing, assist in providing the ambience to foster a positive and energised company culture, and build morale and loyalty within teams. In addition to coffee machine hire TPR GROUP provides: Tropical Plant Rentals (indoor plant hire); Microbe Shield Treatment (office health) and Office Artwork Hire (Aquarium Hire, Sculpture Hire, Water Feature Hire, Eco-friendly Heater Hire and Artvase Hire) and Pot Plant Advertising (mini billboard containers to display corporate values and messages). Please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 631 365 for more information.